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Artist Statement:

The art reflects an interpretation of structures broken down to forms of linearity and geometry. Through expressive, scratchy linework and dynamic shapes, the objective strives towards creation of perfected composition and design. Applications of varied line quality creates the illusion of light and /or complex perspective. 

In the drawings shading becomes done through blocking off forms and scribbling in the area while in the digital art strategic shapes and areas are filled with solid forms of color against a white background. My paintings start off with a drawing study of crayon on paper, infusing distortions, designed geometry, and fluid linearity. I apply the basic structure of the study to the canvas with an outline of magenta oil paint and then improvise with color, form, and various brushwork. As the painting develops, I experiment with imaginative colors and tones. The end goal pertains towards the creation of a personal standard for contemporary civilization which can be shared and explored to build upon current established trends, especially in image-making, design, and engineering. The paintings are centered on the aesthetics, design, and relationships we have with space. Most interiors and exteriors provide an almost perfect composition as a subject for a work of art because of their inherent geometric structure. Digital photography and video art focuses on concepts of structure but also have a study in surface and texture. 

There remains a sense of movement within the art through linear marks and focused, controlled composed space. The sketchy and painterly application of the paint and crayons along with the metaphorical themes help shape the purpose of image-making in contemporary society. Through intuition and improvisation, the artworks flow freely, without restraint.


Michael Athanasius Hanna is a painter, draftsman, writer, multimedia artist, and curator originally from Jersey City, New Jersey who has been creating art since the age of eight. He has exhibited extensively in the United States and has been featured in large exhibition spaces such as the Victoria Gallery in Paterson, New Jersey and the Atrium Gallery in Morristown, New Jersey. Notable shows in New York City include a solo exhibit in Chelsea at the Wix Gallery and a one year exhibit at Hogarth Worldwide in midtown Manhattan. Michael has been published by Saatchi Art, the New York Times, Hartford Courant, Daily Record, Jersey Journal, Ypilson Art, and other publications. Michael works out of his art studio located in North Georgia and has been serving as the curator of Aedra Fine Arts, an art publisher and online gallery, since 2014.




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Solo Exhibitions:


The Colonnade. Interior Paintings. Ringgold, Georgia. 2024. 

Wix Lounge Gallery : Enchanted Physics. Chelsea, Manhattan. New York City. 2016.

Victoria Gallery at Art Factory. Art Walk. Paterson, New Jersey 2015.

The Barrow Mansion. Power of Paper: Digital & Drawings. Jersey City, New Jersey. 2015.

Town Hall of Hanover. Linear Metamorphosis. Whippany, New Jersey. 2015.

Trolley Car. Sobering Linearity. Jersey City, New Jersey. 2015.

Atrium Gallery. Arts Council of Morristown, New Jersey. 2014 - 2015.

Noah Webster Gallery. Industrial Planes. West Hartford, Connecticut. 2014-2015.

The Art Factory. Building Bridges. Paterson, New Jersey. 2014.



2024 Member Exhibit. South Cobb Arts Alliance. Kennesaw, Georgia. 2024.

Just Faces. Medford Arts Center. Medford, New Jersey 2024. 

Open Call Salon Show. Greenpoint Gallery. New York City. 2024. 

Small Works. Rhode Island Watercolor Society. Pawtucket, Rhode Island. 2023. 

Close to Home NBAS Oil, Sculpture & Mixed Media. Alfa Art Gallery. New Brunswick, New Jersey. 2023.

L'Appel Du Vide : Oil Color & Mixed Media Salon. Alfa Art Gallery. New Brunswick, New Jersey. 2016.

Meaningful. Meaningless. Hogarth Biannual. Park Ave, Manhattan, New York City. 1 year exhibit. 2014-2015.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, Oh My! Monmouth Museum. Lincroft, New Jersey. 2015.

Eternal Glory. City Hall of Jersey City, New Jersey. 2015.

Cyberpunk. 58 Gallery. Jersey City, New Jersey. 2015.

Artist House (June). Lincoln Inn. Jersey City, New Jersey. 2015

Essentials. JR Taxation. Avanel, New Jersey. 2015.

Artist CoffeeHouse. Lincoln Inn. Jersey City, New Jersey. 2015. 

Embrace. JR Taxation. Avenel, New Jersey. 2015.

Jersey Artist Registry: Exhibition #1. The Tides Art Gallery. Hotel Tides. Asbury Park, New Jersey. 2015.

Little Wonders. LITM Gallery. Jersey City, New Jersey.2015. 

My View. Maxwells. Hoboken, New Jersey. 2015.

Winter Blues. Maxwells. Hoboken, New Jersey. 2015.

The Seed. Chashama Gallery. Manhattan, New York City. 2014.

JCAI: Transcendental Downtown. The Park Foundry, Jersey City, New Jersey. 2014. 

The Sight of Music. LITM Gallery. Jersey City, New Jersey. 2014.

Two-Person Exhibition. City Hall of Jersey City, New Jersey. 2014. 

Raven Art Gallery & Boutique. Jersey City, New Jersey. 2014.

Chimeras. LITM Gallery. Jersey City, New Jersey. 2014.

Fall Grand Salon Show. Greenpoint Gallery. New York City. 2014. People's Choice Salon Show. Greenpoint Gallery. New York City. 2014. Spring Juried Salon Show. Greenpoint Gallery. New York City. 2014.

Spring Grand Salon Show. Greenpoint Gallery. New York City. 2014. 

The Collaboration. Nelvis Studios. Elizabeth, New Jersey.2014.


Aedra Fine Arts: Art Publisher and Online Gallery

Curator, 2014 - present




Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fine Art 

New Jersey City University

January 2009

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Michael Hanna, Artist
Michael Hanna, Artist
Michael Hanna, Artist
Michael Hanna, Artist
Michael Hanna, Artist

Cell Phone: 732-427-1661

Art Studio located in:
Rossville, Georgia - United States

Art studio located in the Atlanta, Georgia metro area. 

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