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We accept Zelle and Paypal as payment by filling out the artwork offer form. 

Work listed on Saatchi Art for sale.

You may request specific works of art to be added to Saatchi Art for direct purchase.


Pricing: (free shipping)

48" X 36" Painting: $2400

40" x 30" Painting: $2000

18" x 24" Painting: $600

24" x 36" Drawing: $1100

14" x 17" Drawing: $600

11" x 14" Drawing: $500

There is no obligation in making an offer, the artwork offer form is not a contract.
For Commissions: Please type "commission", medium desired, and add a description. We do portraits and drawings / paintings of homes. 

Artwork Offer Form

Thank you, we will be in contact with you

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